This Week’s Lessons From The Universe

It’s been on one of those weeks where I feel like The Universe has been handing out important lessons to me left and right. I only wish that life would slow down enough so I had enough time to process it all. Instead, I am writing all of the lessons down here in attempt to help them to sink in, and so that I have them to return to at a later date. Because some of this shit is definitely going to come in handy down the road.

Ironically (or perhaps not so ironically), this morning’s “Notes From The Universe” read:

Believe it or not, Sunshine, if it weren’t for your so-called issues, problems, and challenges, there’d be no other way you could become even happier, cooler, and more enlightened than you have ever been before.

So what follows here are some of the important lessons that I feel like The Universe has wanted me to learn this week.

* * * * *

– Everyone is messed up in their own special way. A successful relationship isn’t about finding someone who is issue-free; it’s about finding someone whose issues you can work with or work around. And they yours.

– Love means being uncomfortable sometimes.

– Sometimes it’s better to just fess up and accept the truth about yourself rather than fight against it. Particularly when it comes to The Small Stuff.

– Loving someone means loving all parts of them. Even the parts that you don’t like.

– When you ask, The Universe answers. Just because it’s not when you want it to, doesn’t mean it’s not when it is supposed to. Patience is one of the most important skills that you can practice.

– Good friends are still friends no matter how far away they are. And a good friend is one of the most important thing that you can ever have in the world.

– Fighting against someone for who and what they are is your problem, not theirs.

– You can’t fill an emotional hole with physical things, no matter how hard you try.

– There are no magic solutions in life. But if you pay attention, life usually gives us the tools, the opportunity, and the ability to make our own magic.

6 Responses

  1. That sounds like a lot of lessons learned this week! I am trying hard to focus on being more patient, but sometimes I wish the universe would just tell me what I should do!

  2. LOVE the last one best! Totally agree. Hope this weekend is kinder to you than the week seems to have been! XO!

  3. What Jolene said 🙂 and what Kate said: pax, K

  4. Sending you love, my Canadian sister. And, as you always tell me, I’m here if you need me. Just an email away.


  5. Oh and by the way?

    You got this.

  6. […] Lately it feels like The Universe has been giving me lessons galore. And this week has been no different. […]

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