Bra Shopping For My Nine-Year-Old Daughter

Well….my oldest daughter is reaching “that age” where we’re soon going to have to start thinking about bras. Gulp. And well, being a blogger and all, of course I wrote all about it.

Check out my latest post at where I’m writing all about my disgust at what’s to be found in the bra aisle of the 7-14 year old section. To all of you who have only sons, I envy you. Seriously.

Bra Shopping for my Nine-Year-Old Daughter

Bra shopping for my 9 year old daughter

One Response

  1. Oh my goodness, my friend. I so hear you. My 11 year old is addicted to a particular type of bra now. She’s always asking for more because she can’t go without one now. When did they grow up so fast?!

    P.S. A little padding also makes the “buds” a little less obvious in t-shirts. Just sayin’.

    Good luck!

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