2013: The Year of Kicking Ass and Taking Names

I knew before it even arrived that 2012 was going to be an awesome year for me. Lots of great stuff happened. Wonderful memories were made. Life took on a momentum of its own and things started happening that I never, ever expected to happen when the year began. I spent the other day looking back through photos of the past year, overwhelmed by all of the goodness that it contained.

I expect no less from 2013.

Sure, it’s going to be different, and awesome in its own special way. It’s the year in which I plan on making things happen. Sure, it’s great when awesome things happen to us; but in this gal’s humble opinion, it’s even more awesome to make things happen.

I’m fired up, kids. I’m all in.  I am ready to get out there and make some magic, whatever the hell that means. It’ll probably mean something different every single day.

Bring it on, 2013!! I look forward to discovering what you’ve got for me.

5 Responses

  1. Prayers for both of our families in the midst of transition. So scary . I am having kick arse and take names later urges of my own. Trying to keep pace though, YK? Pax, K

  2. ALL IN! Kick some ass Sunshine!! I know you got it in ya!

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