What Can I Do To Make This World a Better Place?

Like everyone else out there I have a whole lot of thoughts and feelings on what happened on Friday at Sandy Hook.

But I’m not going to talk about them here. There are so many thoughts, feelings and opinions out there as it is, swirling around; I’m not going to add to them anymore.

I’m worn out. I haven’t been steeping myself in all of the available online media by any means; but it is tough to avoid it. And I am mentally and emotionally drained. And yet, curling up into a ball with my kids pulled close and never letting them go isn’t an option. Somehow, I have to uncurl myself and wade through the deep murkiness that is life right now. Somehow I have to find ways to actively look for ways for my faith to be restored in humanity; I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to rebuild on it’s own. Because right now, I don’t like people all that much – for a whole lot of reasons.

So today as I go out into the world I am going to hold this question close:

What can I do to make this world a better place?

This is what I take with me out into the world. Tucked into my breast pocket, cushioning the thumping of my grieving heart. I am just one person. My reach is small. My ability to affect the world is a tiny drop in the bucket. And yet there remains a tiny spark of hope. Hope that maybe a genuine smile will cheer someone’s grief-burdened heart. Hope that holding the door, or giving up my seat on the bus will inspire someone else to do the same. Hope that kind words will give someone else the hope to carry on for one more day.

Hope is all that we have during the darkest days.

And so I ask all of you the same question. What can you do to make this world a better place?

Take your gifts, friends — big or small — and make the world, even if it’s only your tiny slice of the world, a better place. No matter what that means to you. We all need as much goodness that we can collectively muster right now. No matter what else any of us thinks or believes about anything else, we can all come together and do something good. I’m not saying that I think a smile or a random act of kindness will change the state of the world. Then again, maybe it will.

If you can all do this with me, if you can some way, somehow, make the world a better place if even just a tiny amount, I promise to work really hard to have faith in the human race again.

2 Responses

  1. I love this message. Rather than rehash the sad news from Friday, pay it forward. I will surely be thinking about ways I can do the same.

  2. Did you ever see the movie, “Crash”? One little tiny encounter can change things. At least that’s what I’d like to think.


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