My, How Quickly Things Can Change

I never thought that I would so quickly go from being comfortable in the status of my long distance relationship to hating spending even two nights apart. And yet, here I am.

CBG spent this past weekend away with Ankle Biter, leaving the girls and I on our own. It’s funny, it seems that the girls and I share similar feelings about our “all-girls weekends”: on the one hand, we love having time that’s just about the three of us (since that’s how it was for so long), but by the end of the weekend, we all find that we really miss CBG when he’s not here.

At the beginning of the weekend one of my girls commented,“Even though I love having CBG living with us, it’s nice to have some time for just us.”  All three of us agreed. But then, last night at dinner, amidst our giggles and silliness, Lil’ Mo piped up with: “It feels really empty in here.” Kiddo and I agreed that, yes, there was definitely someone missing from our table. CBG just makes the room feel complete.

So while it’s nice to have “mommy-daughter time”, we miss CBG on those weekends when he’s away. And don’t even get me started on sleeping without him. Friday night sucked donkey balls. And Saturday night was spent tossing and turning and just not having the best sleep. Last night, however? I spent the night curled up on his chest, able to finally relax again.

He’s home. And it’s another two weeks before I have to sleep without him again.


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