Can’t Slow Down

So I’ll admit it. I have a tough time slowing down. I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the way in my life, I have turned into one of those people who has a tough time relaxing. It’s pretty much go, go, go all the time. For the most part, I admit that I kind of enjoy being busy.

The last few months, though, have been particularly bad. There’s been the move into the new place, our family vacation, CBG job hunting and moving here, the start of the school year, the marathon. So much happening in such a short period of time.

It’s actually been a little *too* busy.

When we only saw each other every other weekend, I would do whatever I could to protect our weekend time together. Sure, we’d end up running some errands, but we always set aside time that was “just for us”. Now that CBG is here every day (I’m *still* not quite used saying that!), a lot of chores get pushed to the weekend when we have more time. So instead of relaxing and “fun” weekends, it’s more go, go, go.

We haven’t had a weekend nap together in months. And that, people, is just plain wrong.

So I came up with an idea. This upcoming weekend I have declared Sunday to be “F*ckItAll Sunday”. We’ll be running all errands on Saturday, and on Sunday we will be doing



We will be spending the day in our jammies relaxing, watching movies and eating junk food. I think we might even sneak a nap in there, too.

The problem?

The closer that Sunday gets, the more I start thinking about other ways we can spend the day. Errands we can run. Chores we can do. Blah blah blah.

At this point I’m counting on CBG to chain me to the couch and force feed me potato chips until I remember how it’s done.

Wish us luck.

4 Responses

  1. You better keep to that Sunday plan!!! I know it can be hard, but you ALL need that break!!!

    We do that sometimes in the house too. Doesn’t mean I still don’t get up and take a break from taking a break and maybe do a few dishes.. 🙂

  2. I hope you keep that Sunday plan of nothing and looking forward to hearing about it!

  3. Yeah, I have to force myself to sit still on the weekends that I don’t have my man or my kids. I could EASILY spend that time doing chores or errands.

    Y’all enjoy it!

  4. Keep the Sunday plan! Try to work one thing or one errand into each weeknight so there’s less to do on Saturday. There’s not much better than a PJ Relaxing Sunday!

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