Weekend Apart

This past weekend was the first of what will be regular, every-other-weekends apart for CBG and I as he travels back to his old city to spend the weekend with Ankle Biter.

As the weekend drew closer, CBG and I talked about how it was “no big deal” for us to spend just two nights apart. Especially since we’re used to typically only spending three nights together at a time.

And honestly, the weekend was both “no big deal” and completely sucky at exactly the same time. I’ll tell  ya, it didn’t take the two of us very long to get used to falling asleep together every single night. Each night he was away I allowed one of my daughters to snuggle with me in our bed. They wanted the mommy-daughter time but the truth is that I selfishly wanted a warm body in the bed with me, just so it wouldn’t feel quite so lonely. Guess I’m already used to having that big hairy lug around full time.

Sunday afternoon brought one of those surreal moments when CBG and I were briefly texting each other. The texting felt strangely “normal”…more normal than the thought that he was going to be home later that night.

As much as we both love this new life that we’re building together, it’s still going to take some time to get used to it all.

But for the record, it’s definitely an adjustment that I’m loving.

One Response

  1. I love that you love the adjusting! such a time of growth!

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