Team Sunshine/CBG

The past couple of weeks have, in many ways, passed by in a complete blur. September is usually like that for me anyhow; what with the beginning of the school year and all of the insanity that goes with it. I admittedly don’t do well with change; working out new routines really kind of suck for me.

With CBG having moved here, it is, more than ever, a time of change and adjustment. After all….it’s been The Girlie Palace for the past four years. There’s suddenly more testosterone floating around this place than I’ve had around in quite some time. And body hair. Boys are yucky sometimes, for the record. Just sayin’. No more pantyhose over the shower curtain rod or midweek mommy-daughter underwear dance parties.

Truthfully, adjusting to this cohabitation thing is a whole lot easier than I ever imagined. I’ve lived with men I was in relationships with before (boy, that makes me sound a little bit like a whore, now doesn’t it? There were only two others, I promise), and in the past there was always a period of adjustment while we fought over whose turn it was to do the dishes grew accustomed to each other and their ways. This adjustment period was always a hellish rollercoaster a bit rocky while we worked to iron out the kinks.

With CBG, there is none of that. The transition has been seamless. Sure, there is adjusting to do; routines to work out, habits to form, a “new normal” that we’re still establishing. But instead of being at odds with each other, we are on the same team, working together to work out what is best for us and our family. As always, it feels like it is he and I together against the world. A team.

Not to be confused with THE “A-Team”. Just in case you were wondering.

I pity the fool that doesn’t help me with the dishes.

Two weeks into this whole “new life” gig, and CBG and I are continuing to demonstrate our awesomeness. In not just the big things, but in all the little things as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know…it’s only been two weeks. There’s plenty of time for things to go sideways and I know that we’ll have our disputes over toilet cleaning and laundry folding like every other couple does. But for now we’re both still in that “we-can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening” phase, where we are so grateful for every little thing that other person does and is.

Two weeks in and we’re not even a little bit sick of each other yet.

Who knew?


4 Responses

  1. See? Can I get a ‘told ya so?’ hehe! when it’s RIGHT, it is seamless. It DOES just work. And yeah, you’ll eventually get annoyed at different ‘living together quirks’ (mine is when M throws his socks in the corner by the bed, eww. put them in the hamper!), but other than that? it is awesome. XO! so happy for you!

  2. As I was reading this, I thought, “I bet there are SOME things that are bothersome to each of them… they’re just not talking about them yet!”


    I’m sure there will be something to discuss at some point but you guys are so good at communicating (4 years of LDR will do that to ya) that I’m not worried.

    I wonder though…. will you discuss them in person or send an email? 😉

    Old habits die hard, ya know.

    • I’m sure that things will come up over time but honestly, there’s nothing yet (at least on my end). He hasn’t even complained about me leaving my sweaty running gear on the bathroom floor! heh. It’s cute now, but I’m sure it will be annoying in a few months….. 😉

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