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The 11th Night

Last night marked one of those funny little milestones in my relationship with CBG. It was the 11th night in a row that we spent together, since he moved here almost two weeks ago. It’s a milestone because prior to this, the greatest number of nights we’d spent together in one shot was 10 nights.

Ten nights!

Last night passed without any kind of celebration or even a big discussion about how this was the greatest number of nights we’d ever spent together. In fact, as things turned out, I ended up going to bed before CBG, while he stayed up to watch some boring tv show that he loves. 😉

Last night was just another night of us settling into domestic bliss…..our new life together.

So far, with night eleven under our belt and night twelve just hours away, I can tell you that so far, it just keeps getting better.

2 Responses

  1. Well of course it is. 🙂

  2. love love love this!!!!!!

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