Goodbye LDR

I’ve been thinking for a while now about what I would write when this day came. And yet here I sit, at a loss for words (for once in my life!). Anyone reading this who follows me on Twitter or knows me through Facebook already knows the big news: CBG has landed a job!! As of September 10th he’s going to be a permanent fixture in my city (minus every other weekend when he travels to see Ankle Biter, of course!).

It’s one of those things in life that I’ve waited and wished for, for a very long time, and now that it’s finally here, it all feels very surreal.  We’ve been doing this long distance relationship for nearly four years now. Four years. There have been countless nights alone, tears shed, important things missed. Thousands of emails and phone calls. Hundreds of cold nights falling asleep with that lonely ache in the pit of my stomach. And now, all of that is coming to an end.

I know that there will be some bumps as we transition to life together on a full time basis. While I’m beyond excited about this, part of me is nervous, too. I know it won’t be all puppies and rainbows all the time, it’s just not realistic to expect that. The good news is that we have a proven track record of being able to work through whatever gets thrown at us, and I’m confident that this will be no different.

As of September 10th, a new chapter of my life — our life — begins. And I can’t wait.

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  1. I was in a ldr for 3 years and you’re right once you’re together after being used to being apart the relationship changes. Patience and respect are vital to have during that period especially when one of the two have moved and are not only adjusting to the relationship change as well as a new place to live and a new town. (I was the mover and I definitely had lots of stress) But once those hurdles have been overcome and you’ve been patient and loving with one another it’s so wonderful to know you’re together….FOREVER.

    • This move definitely wasn’t a decision that was made lightly. There will definitely be lots of adjustments but we’re definitely both up to the challenge. We’ve worked too hard to get here to let things crumble now. 🙂

  2. Bumps…schmumps. Finally! I’m so excited and happy for you BOTH!!!!!!! Looking forward to your new journey together 🙂

    xoxo Happy day for you!!!

    • Thank you!! I’m sure we’ll both be blogging a lot about the ups and downs of blended family life, co-habitation and everything that goes along with that. It’s a very exciting time…hopefully it will all start feeling “real” soon! 😉

  3. Yay!!! So incredible happy for you both!




  5. PUMPED for your two. Congratulations!!!

  6. Awesome news! I’ve been reading your blogs for quite some time and I’m really happy for you both. Exciting times 🙂

  7. […] weeks now pretty much the biggest thing on my mind has been CBG’s move here. It’s a Big Deal, after all, and was not a decision that was made lightly. It’s a Big […]

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