Blended Family Vacation Highs

Last week’s vacation was definitely interesting. As CBG posted about yesterday, it was a week of ups and downs. To be honest, I’ve sat down at least three times to write something about the vacation and every time I find myself not knowing what to write. So I decided to break it down into manageable chunks, with themes.

Today’s post is all about the vacation highs. Because there were plenty of them. Good things that happened throughout the week that leave me feeling good.

Highs like:

  • Family meals where all six of us sat down together in our cramped little space to eat, talk, and laugh like crazy.
  • All four kids getting along pretty well, particularly for kids who don’t spend time with each other on a regular basis.
  • Me having time and opportunity to go for plenty of runs — 72 kms in total, to be exact.
  • A girl’s shopping afternoon where I took the three girls out to the mall for some “girl fun” while the boys did their father-son bonding thing.
  • CBG and I having opportunity to work together as a co-parenting unit.
  • Finding activities that all six of us could enjoy together. No small feat considering the age span of the four children.
  • CBG and I using communication to overcome the challenges that we were met with.

It wasn’t all highs, that’s for sure. I’m still digesting everything that happened over the week, and there will definitely be more to come. It wasn’t just a family vacation, but also a learning and growing experience for us as both a couple and as a family.

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