The Space Between the Words

One of the things I love about CBG and I is our ability to talk and talk and talk when we’re together. We spend a lot of our time together just shooting the breeze, about anything and everything. Case in point — our epic Maine road trip back in June. We talked, laughed, and sang together pretty much the entire way there and back without any breaks. We didn’t get bored once or have to search for conversation.

Despite our mutual gift of gab, we are also both comfortable not talking when we’re together as well. This past weekend we took a short road trip to visit friends, and during this trip, more than once we fell into a comfortable silence together. We were driving down the road, side by side, each of us in our own mental bubbles.

It is in these moments, in the space between all of the words that we share, that I remember, all over again, how much I love him. How perfect we are for one another. How much I love us. How worth it all of this has been over the past three and a half years. And how grateful I am that the distance is soon coming to an end.

I love those silent, loving moments. It’s when I feel even more connected to him than ever.

Over and over again, even after three and a half years, I’m still having these moments of confirmation that tell me that this is where we are meant to be. I’m realizing, more and more, that it’s easy to love someone for their words. It’s when you love them for the spaces between the words that you know it’s something special.

2 Responses

  1. Ah yes, exactly.

    Almost there…

  2. It’s the ‘just being’ moments…absolute contentment. Love this. And completely agree.

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