The Start of Something Good

I apologize for not writing as much as I would like lately. Life is so incredibly busy, more so than usual, even.

This move from my old place into my new one has been kicking my ass for weeks now. And even though I am now officially in the new place (!!), there is still so much to be done. There is so much to be done, in fact, as I sit here writing this, it all feels pretty overwhelming.

I know that I will make it past this, past the work and the exhaustion to a place where I will be able to look around my home — the home that I will be sharing with my lovely CBG — and enjoy it for all that it is.

This is the start of a new chapter of my life. The start of something good.

But for now? Right now I’m just hoping that in the morning I’ll be able to find my pants. And a toothbrush wouldn’t hurt either.


5 Responses

  1. You sound exhausted. But all work – including the good stuff – is tiring like that. I’m going to eat an extra cookie in your honour tonight.

  2. I’m just damn giddy for you both. I know you’re exhausted now but girl, love every second of it!!!!

  3. Love this! you must be exhausted but so very happy. much deserved.

  4. I am so excited to see you guys moving to the next phase! What a great journey it is for you, CBG and for us readers (and stranger friends)! I wish I lived closer, I’d definately be there to help! Sending lots of love and strong hugs!

  5. I hate the feeling when you first move and you feel as if it will never come together. I hope this phase goes quickly for you.

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