Winning at Life

A little Wednesday inspiration.

These days, I’m starting to see (and admit to myself!) just how successful I am. Winning at life. My life. No, it’s not perfect, but dammit, it’s pretty freaking good. And coming from where I’ve been, I’ll take ‘imperfect but pretty freaking good’ any day of the week.

Have I mentioned lately how utterly grateful I am for this life that I have? I think I have, but it bears repeating. The best part of all is that this is  a life I have built myself. From practically nothing at all. That knowledge alone fills me with a deep sense of peace and happiness. And a whole lotta pride.

It is good to be here.

One Response

  1. Amen!! Glad you are seeing it too 🙂 I see it plain as day in you both!

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