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You are NOT a Single Mom!!

I’ve got a new post up over at parentsociety.com all about a HUGE pet peeve of mine — when parents call themselves “single parents” when they’re parenting solo for a few days.

Definitely not the same thing, people.

If you’re interested in reading my rant — You are NOT a Single Mom! Head on over to Parent Society and check it out.

You are NOT a Single Mom!


One Response

  1. Hear! Hear! I’ve raised my boy for 7.5 years, his entire life, without his father giving him one dime or ten seconds of time. It is vastly different than having to make it a weekend without alone. I consider myself blessed to have family and friends close by, but have never had the luxury of a partner around. Thanks for sharing this, I’m with you on it as a top pet peeve.

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