2012: Halfway

It’s difficult to believe that 2012 is already half over. It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far, with lots more to come.

CBG and I went on another amazing cruise and had the time of our lives.

We got engaged.

CBG told me of his plan to start the wheels in motion for getting him here to my city.

We took a road trip to meet up with some of our very favourite bloggers and made some fantastic memories.

We found an awesome apartment (on my favourite street in the city!) and signed the lease just last week.

When 2012 began, I hadn’t anticipated any of these things happening. The year was a blank slate. I had a feeling that the year was going to hold some amazing things, but what those things were, I hadn’t really nailed down in my mind.

The second half of 2012 appears to be no less memorable.

Coming up in the next six months? Moving into that awesome apartment I mentioned earlier. CBG finding a job and finally moving here. Yes, I’m assuming this last part…but dudes…when it comes to someone as awesome as this, landing a terrific job is inevitable. I’m seriously considering running a full marathon as well. I have personal plans and goals, too — for my parenting, my health, my writing.

I feel confident that the next six months are going to bring even more amazing things to me and my little family. Life is good…and it seems like it’s only getting better.

What an amazing thought.

4 Responses

  1. YAY! Love great things like this and can’t wait to hear more. 😉

  2. So excited for you! And remember–you made it happen.

  3. I love this! You have kicked ass and taken names for the first half of this year. Incredible when you look back, isn’t it? I am SO GLAD we got to meet, too, this year, how awesome is that?!

  4. I am so excited for you!

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