An Open Letter to The Universe

Dear Universe:

No matter what else happens in my life from this day forward, I need to say this: Thank you.

Thank you for all the wonderful things that you have ever brought into my life. Thank you for my two wonderful girls. Thank you for CBG. Thank you for my two awesome (almost) stepkids. Thank you for my amazing family. Thank you for my bevvy of friends. Thank you for my job, which is exactly what I need at this stage in my life. Thank your for the lovely new apartment that will be mine and CBG’s shortly. Thank you for my good health. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of these amazing gifts.

Thank you for the challenges that you present me with. Thank you for these opportunities to learn and grow. I appreciate the wisdom that I have gained because of them. Thank you for the events that while uncomfortable at the time, have provided me with perspective and the chance to become a better person. I am indeed a better person for having had them all. Thank you for the people in my life that have challenged me and have inspired me to be a better human being.

I am amazed at how despite all of the challenges that have come my way, life is so good right now. So many things are happening, things that once seemed like hopeless pipe dreams. Exciting things. Wonderful things. I look back over the path of my life for the past four years and I am just so grateful for where I’m at right now.

No matter what — thank you. Always.

3 Responses

  1. And thank YOU for this beautiful reminder of gratitude!

    Love to you!!

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