What I Learned Spending Two Days in a Car With My Man

It was an epic weekend for CBG and I, meeting up with our bloggy friends Jobo and T. Good times were had. It was one of those weekends that for me, is going to take a while for it all to sink in before I will be able to properly write about it.

For me, one of the best parts about the weekend was spending two days road-tripping in the car with CBG. That was one of the things I was most looking forward to about the experience beforehand, and it did not disappoint. After spending two days in the car with him, there were a few things that I learned about the two of us. And honestly, these aren’t things that I learned for the first time this weekend, but rather was reminded of.

  • We can have fun anywhere, doing anything. It was obvious from the very beginning of our relationship that we are able to have fun doing just about anything, but there’s nothing like spending over 24 hours total in a car to together to really bring that even more to the surface.
  • He can make me laugh more than any other person that I have ever met. Sure I’m a fun-loving gal who laughs easily at many things, but CBG literally had me laughing (more than once) so hard that I could.not.breathe. I had at least one of those, sides-aching-can’t-breathe-tears-streaming-down-my-face laughing fits.
  • We are awesome vacationers together. We are so similar in so many ways, and how we like to vacation together is just another one of them. Despite the number of hours we spent in the car together there was never a tiff or even a tense moment. It was just good times and laughs the entire way.
  • We never run out of conversation topics. There was almost never a lull in the conversation the entire two days. And the few times there was, it was always a warm, comfortable lull that lasted only for a few moments. I’m starting to believe that we really could talk forever.
  • We have the exact same sense of humour. In addition to making me laugh like crazy, I was also reminded of how similar our humour is. We were both making the same types of grossly inappropriate jokes and laughing at how funny we are. For the entire two days of travel.
  • We really are perfect for one another. Two days in a car showed me, yet again, that the two of us are absolutely made for one another. Once again I’m walking away from this experience loving my man even more now than I did just a few short days ago.

It seems like with every new experience CBG and I share, we get closer and closer to one another, and learn more and more. And with each passing day, each shared experience, every moment together, our love just continues to grow and I am reminded once again how perfect we are for one another.

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  1. And after spending 3 days with y’all ;), I’d agree. You ARE perfect for each other. Even if you do whisper all the time. 😉

    Hahaha! CBG is a funny guy but watching your reactions to him showed me that you two definitely have the same sense of humor and are the silliest when you’re together. I’m glad the long road trips were just as enjoyable as hanging out any other time.

    And I’m glad we all made it home safe!

    • Honestly, T, we whisper because we’re pretty sure that a least some of the time, no one will “get” our sense of humour about stuff. Either that or we’re reminding each other of a silly private joke that there’s no WAY we could relay to others….so we just keep it between the two of us. We really don’t mean to be rude. 😉

  2. Aw!! I love that this was just one of the many many things you learned about yourself, your relationship, your friends (!) from this trip. You two truly are two peas and a pod, I can just tell even though I wasn’t there for this bloggy meet-up (and seriously wish I HAD gotten up to visit!!).

    LOVE this.

  3. YES! I agree with T – after spending three days together, you two fit together like the perfect puzzle pieces. I LOVE hearing the laughter between you two, it is freaking awesome and kept making ME laugh. I loved seeing it ‘live’ and am so glad you to have met you both!! XO

    • What cracked me up so much were the times when CBG was saying something silly and I would be the ONLY person laughing at his antics. He’d keep going and I would keep laughing, even though we were the only two “getting” it. Happens to us ALL the time.

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