My Boobs, My Business

I know that you’ve all seen the latest hullabaloo with the Time cover picture. Twitter threw up all over my computer yesterday and today, with people talking about it all over the place.
And now, here’s another opinion piece to add to the mix. Because you know what? I’m pissed. I was going to refrain from being just another blogger spouting off about this issue, but when I get pissed, I just can’t seem to hold it in. So eff that. It’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to. I’ve officially become one of those jerks.
I’m pissed at Time Magazine for posting a deliberately controversial photograph on the cover of their magazine, just for sales.
I’m pissed that the message here is that you’re not an “attachment parent” unless you, like the mom on the cover, breastfeeds your almost four year old for all the world to see.
I’m pissed that they deliberately chose a “hot mom” to put on the cover, which adds to the “ickiness factor” for those who are already uncomfortable with the idea of either breastfeeding in general, or breastfeeding an older child. Oh hey! Let’s sexualize breastfeeding to gross people out and sell magazines! Sex sells, right?
I’m pissed that it’s 2012 and breastfeeding is still huge deal in our society.
I’m pissed that so many people actually give a shit about what others are doing to the point that they’re speaking out loudly against it. I mean, really? Is it that important what someone else is doing that you’re willing to be so nasty in your judgments about something you know nothing about?
I’m pissed that this photograph only serves to make all attachment parents look like “freaks” and “outsiders” in the eyes of some people.
I’m pissed that even though my breastfeeding days are long gone, I still have to defend my choice to breastfeed my daughters until the ages of 2 1/2 because there are people out there judging me negatively for it. Even now, even though my girls are now 7 and 9.
I’m pissed that other people’s parenting choices make some people so insecure about their own that they feel the need to speak out vehemently against them, declaring them “gross” and disgusting. You chose not to breastfeed? Good for you! You weaned your baby at six months? Fine! Don’t think that’s what’s best for everyone else and their kid, too.
I’m pissed that the kid featured on the cover of this magazine is going to be haunted for the rest of his life by assholes out there who won’t just let this die. I sure hope his mom has good medical coverage because kid’s gonna need a helluva lot of therapy. Not because he was breastfed for an extended period (as some might suggest), but because of the backlash that’s going to follow him around for the rest of his life by inconsiderate clueness douche nozzles.
I’m pissed that this magazine cover only further fuels the mommy wars going on in our society. Why should anyone give a shit about what someone else is doing to the point that they have to spout off about it? Who cares how this woman chooses to parent her kid? Whatever happened to just letting people do their own thing and minding our business about it?
I’m pissed that as women, instead of supporting and building each other up, we are constantly tearing each other down. Judging. Ridiculing. Mocking. There’s no sisterhood left. Everyone is all about feeling better about themselves…and it seems like the only way to do that is to trample other people down.
Guess what people? My boobs, my business — not yours. Instead of being so concerned about what other people are doing, try paying more attention to yourself and your own family. Instead of criticizing and ridiculing other people, try, for once, just minding your own business. Sure you’re entitled to your opinion, as everyone else is. But that doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear it, particularly when your opinion is about what someone else is doing. We’re talking about breastfeeding, people, one of the most personal choices that a parent can make. What gives you the right to comment on that, and put someone down for it?
Don’t we have bigger, more important issues to tackle in our world today?

3 Responses

  1. And Amen.

  2. Fuck yeah!!

  3. AMEN!!!!!! on ALL of the above. you should put that into an article format and get it posted to Huffington Post!

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