Single Momma Weekend

I had a great weekend with my girls, as usual. We didn’t really do anything all that special; we had our usual “movie night” on Friday night (we watched “Dolphin Tale” — I highly recommend it). We snuggled on the couch with dinner and watched our movie together, like we do on all of our weekends together.

Saturday morning Kiddo had an appointment with my chiropractor for an assessment and her first treatment. She’s been having problems with her neck/upper back for at least two years now. Guess she inherited my weak neck. The doctor said it was nothing serious and that she’ll have her fixed up in 3 or 4 treatments. Chiropractic treatments for children are much more gentle than those for adults; there is no “cracking” like she does for me. Basically she applied pressure to her trigger spots and gave her a massage. Kiddo was in heaven! She declared it “the best experience of her life”. That’s a pretty good endorsement, even coming from a nine year old.

After that we bummed around at the mall a bit before coming back home. The girls requested “Superman III” for a movie. We watched the first two a while back. They laughed at me a bit when I admitted to having a HUGE crush on Christopher Reeve when I was growing up, but at this point I think maybe they’re coming around a bit. He was an extremely handsome man back in the day.

Sunday morning the girls got up before me to prepare me breakfast in bed as an early Mother’s Day gift. Next weekend is their weekend to be with their dad; and while they’ll be hanging out with me and CBG for a couple of hours that day, what they really wanted to do was make me breakfast in bed. So we decided to do it early. I had scrambled eggs, fruit, a muffin and some herbal tea. They’re already planning to cook me oatmeal next year. heh. Do they know their mom or what?

The rest of Sunday was spent cooking, cleaning and baking. We got out for a short walk in the sunshine. It was a lovely day spent together.

I’m making a special point of appreciating single momma weekends like this while I still have them. CBG will be here before I know it and then life will be undergoing a huge transformation. Don’t misunderstand me — I am very much looking forward to having here — but I am also aware that while we will gain many things by having him here with us, there will be things that will be lost as well. Even without CBG being here, life is moving forward; soon enough my girls won’t want to spend their weekends hanging out with mom.

Weekends like this are bittersweet…a reminder of how fleeting life is, and how we should all make a point of enjoying what we’ve got right here, right now.

Nothing ever stays the same forever.

2 Responses

  1. aww! Sounds like one of those weekends you’ll remember for a long time! Your girls are lucky to have you, just as you are lucky to have them. What a fun weekend (and love that they are making you oatmeal next year!!) 🙂

  2. We had a great weekend too! And like your schedule, my kids will be with their dad next weekend too. We love watching movies and snuggling on the couch. And hey, Christopher Reeve was handsome until the day he died! We too loved both of the movies you mentioned.

    I bet our girls would get along like we do! 😉

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