Early Morning Running Clarity

Lately I’ve really been feeling like I finally have this anemia thing conquered. I am waking up early in the mornings again, and when the girls are with their dad, I’m out there running. I’m smiling, I’m happy. I feel like “me” again.

It’s good to back.

Yesterday morning’s run was one of those great runs — I felt strong, happy, energized. I got in a good distance. I even got to see the sun rise. What’s better than this on a Thursday morning?

Sure, it’s tough some days peeling myself up out bed to get out there to run. Breaking the magnetic force field on my bed is more difficult some days than others. Other days, I’m able to leap up and get out there without a problem. Regardless, I’m always happy once I’m out there.

I know that my 73 year old mother thinks that it’s “too hard” on me to get out there and run as much as I do. I know she wishes I didn’t run at all. But she’s never been a runner, so she doesn’t get it. Running is one of my loves. It energizes me. It gives me purpose. It fills me with joy. I don’t do it because it’s a chore…I do it because it’s something that I will one day miss dearly.

And that’s something that struck me yesterday, just after snapping the pic of that sunrise and continuing on with my run. There will come a day in my life when I will no longer be able to run. I’ll be a little old lady in a rocking chair with only my memories to bring me happiness and joy. And what do I want those memories to be? I want at least some of them to be of these early mornings — the smell of the earth as another spring bursts forth. The sound of the birds chirping merrily, announcing the arrival of another day. The feel of my breath and my feet on the pavement as I propel myself forward. The sight of a glorious early sunrise. I’ll be able to smile thinking of them all…because one day, all of these things will be just a distant memory.

And dammit, I plan on collecting as many of them now as I possibly can. Good thing I’ve got plenty of years left to do it. Yes, some day I won’t be able to run anymore…but today is not that day.

7 Responses

  1. YES! I love that you’re feeling more like your badass self again, anemia be damned! I also love this perspective…the sheer ability to be able to move and stay as active as we can be is such a gift. Truly. I cherish this particular gift I’ve been given, through and through.

    • Anemia can suck it!! lol I’ve been taking very good care of myself since being diagnosed, taking my supplements and taking that recommended running hiatus. Looks like it paid off.

      And you’re right….being able to run truly is a gift, and it’s one I plan on appreciating a whole lot more.

  2. That is so true…one day we will NOT be able to, so on the days where we need a little motivation, that’s exactly what we should be thinking. Rock your bad ass-ness on. I am impressed with your runs of late!! You rock!!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful ode to running. I miss it. Enjoy it while you can!

    • I definitely missed it when I wasn’t up to doing it over the winter. I’ll be sad when it finally becomes one of those things I just can’t do anymore…

  4. Did you catch the video of the lady in her eighties doing gymnastics? I saw it on the news one evening..Pretty amazing.. Who knows maybe you’ll be jogging in you eighties … I could see that. 🙂

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