The Photo: A Modern Fairytale

Once upon a time, a very sad woman had a very hopeful dream.

It was a dream of a man that she’d never met before, but felt as though she knew. She’d been reading his words for many months; something drew her to him that she couldn’t quite explain. As her world fell down around her, she continued reading his words; a small daily escape from the unhappiness and turmoil around her. A tiny sliver of stability in her otherwise tumultuous life. She smiled at his shared joys; empathized with his struggles; quietly rejoiced in his happiness.

One night, many months after first reading his words, she had a dream about him. She awoke with one of those micro-snippets of memory: just his smiling face and a warm feeling of love, contentment and joy.

On a whim she reached out to him. The sparks flew immediately and there was an instant connection. In the years that followed, as they conquered obstacles and their love grew exponentially, she often thought of that dream. Those feelings of love and belonging aren’t just a dream anymore; they are her happy reality. A reality that gets to be hers forever.

Recently she came upon a photo; a quick snapshot taken while they were on vacation. As she looked at that photo of his smiling, happy face, love and absolute joy exuding from every part of him, she was struck with a sudden realization. The moment that this photo captured was the moment that she had dreamed about all those years prior. A moment that has been over four years in the making.

The photo is everything about that dream that she remembers: the happiness, the light in his eyes, the look of utter adoration on his face. Every time she looks at it her heart skips a beat as she feels those familiar feelings of love, contentment and joy. It makes her smile when she sees it because it is like looking into a mirror — all the love she feels for him is being reflected back. Confirmation, yet again, that this absolutely worth it…that this is the man for her, the man she was meant to meet.

She is exactly where she was always meant to be.

7 Responses

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I love this! And I love this picture too!

    Can’t wait to give you both big hugs!

  2. Beautiful! The look in his eyes says it all – sheer love and adoration and respect. I LOVE the look in Scott’s eyes when he smiles at me – his whole face brightens up, his eyes twinkle and his smile lines show through. Lights up my whole life. ❤

    • What I love most about this photo is that the smile is 110% GENUINE…you can tell that he’s not “smiling for the camera” — it captures the very essence of what I see so often when he looks at me. I have that photo framed on my desk at work now and I can NOT stop staring at it.

  3. Oh my Gosh, I almost cried reading this! I loved every word and am beaming reading it and seeing exactly what you express in that picture. That is IT. Absolutely, 100% it. That forever kind of love. You got it, you two. I can’t wait to SEE you in less than two months!!!!!!!!

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