The Man Beside Me

This past weekend, I was given a gift from The Universe. A gift that showed me that despite my fears, my life is absolutely going in the right direction. Seems like The Universe always seems to know what I need. This year was another family Easter weekend. On Saturday, CBG and I packed up our three little ones and headed out to the country to visit my mom and have an Easter egg hunt with several of the cousins. My family absolutely loves CBG and one of my sisters asked at one point if CBG wasn’t really my long-lost twin at birth. He loves spending time with them as well. It was a great visit with everyone.

On the way home, late and distracted, CBG got pulled over for speeding. The officer who pulled us over did us a favour and gave CBG the lowest possible fine that he was able to give him, but it was still to the tune of $224.00. Ouch. As we sat there together in the car, quiet, waiting for the officer to write up the ticket, I sat there waiting for what I expected to be the inevitable tension to rise in CBG. The tension that, three years ago, two years, or hell, even ONE year ago, would have been there. I started thinking about what I was going to have to say to diffuse CBG’s inevitable anger over the situation. I anticipated the stress and a strained ride the rest of the way home. After the ticket was issued and we headed off on our way again, I braced myself, waiting for the tirade. The tirade that never came. “Well, that sucks.” At first I’ll admit that I was a bit taken aback by his reaction. The CBG of even 12 months ago would have had a much different reaction. A reaction that would have likely caused tension between us until we were able to talk it out and learn what needed to be learned.

I indicated that I was expecting him to be more upset than he was. He shrugged a bit. “Well, getting upset isn’t going to make the ticket go away, is it?” All I can say is…wow. In the last three years I’ve seen CBG grow and change and become more self-aware than I ever thought he would. Honestly, the man I met three and a half years ago was a great guy, fun to be around, but honestly? Probably not marriage material. And yet, over this time, he has actively chosen to grow and build a better life not only for himself, but for us. And you know what’s even more awesome than an introspective man working towards personal growth? Yeah….me neither.

2 Responses

  1. This gave me chills. Wow. What a shift, huh? I love this. This shows dedication, change, willpower and strength. I know I sure as hell would have blown a gasket at the stupid ticket, even though I know, deep down that it’s true – it won’t make the ticket go away will it!? What a man, that CBG.

  2. I have no words.

    Beautiful. And nothing better at all!

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