Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

Today you turned nine years old.

Nine years ago today my life changed forever. I learned the meaning of selfless love. I found my inner “mama bear”. I knew what it meant to love someone else more than I love myself. I have learned more from you than from any other person I have ever known.

Being your mom is my absolute greatest accomplishment. I am so very fortunate to be a part of your life. You truly are a blessing to everyone whose lives you touch.

I love you, sweetie. Happy Birthday.

4 Responses

  1. awww!! LOVE this!! She is such a sweet looking girl, and I love the pride in this post. happy birthday!

  2. Aww! Your “inner mama bear” – I love that! You are such a great mom to her and it’s clear she is a GREAT kid as a result. Happy birthday 🙂

  3. Sweet girl! Happy day!

  4. Happy Birthday, Kiddo. I hope to meet you one day. And, Sunshine, I know birthdays are just a special for Momma’s too!

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