Circle of Moms – Top 25 Single Mom Bloggers

So it would seem that I’ve been nominated over at Circle of Moms as a Top 25 Single Mom blogger.

Dudes. This is so exciting! Honestly? Just an honour to be nominated, truly. And while I don’t have any expectations of winning, my hope is that I’ll at least get enough votes so that I’m not thoroughly humiliated.

That’s where you come in. Yes — YOU!

If you’re so inclined, please drop on by Circle of Moms and vote for me! All it takes is two little mouse clicks and then I’ll totally love you forever, I promise. The best news is that the voting is ongoing until April 18th, and you can vote for me once a day, every day until then.

And don’t worry! I’ll keep harassing reminding you regularly until then.

Remember, a vote a day keeps my humiliation away.

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