Happy Birthday Lil’ Mo

Seven years.

Seven years ago the little being that I’d felt moving inside me for so many months finally became a reality: a living, breathing person created out of the love between two people. A miracle.

Seven years later and it is no less miraculous. Before my eyes she has morphed from a crying, helpless infant into a thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent young lady. A critical thinker who takes nothing at face value. Generous with thoughts and emotions. A quiet inner determination and strength that I’m certain not even she fully appreciates just yet.

I look into those deep brown eyes of hers and there is mystery behind them. She often holds her cards close to her chest — never revealing her hand. There are thoughts that swirl there that are never shared and I have yet to figure out exactly why. After seven years of getting to know her, there are places in her heart that she has never shared with me. She is becoming her own person and I know that this will happen more and more. It’ has been tough releasing her into the big, frightening world; hoping that the tools that I give her are enough for her to make her own way with.

There are days when it’s all I can do to keep myself from scooping her up in my arms, begging her to never grow up and to always be my little girl. And yet still she moves away from me, a little bit each and every day, toward a life of her very own. A life where some day instead of being a major player, I’ll be but one of the side characters.

I hope I have done well by you, Lil’ Mo, and that I will continue to be the mommy that you deserve. Because you deserve the very, very best.

Happy Birthday.


4 Responses

  1. I know just how much she has matured in the last three years that I’ve known her. She has turned into an amazing girl.


  2. awww! I love this. Happy birthday!! 7 is a great age, I think it was one of my favorites as a child, if I recall ๐Ÿ˜‰ And she seems like an old soul in that 7 year old body, as you describe her. A good kid, smart and as M would say ‘is goin’ places!’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Happy Birthday to LittleMo. I hope she has a fun day of celebration and is enjoying those pretty earrings she’s now sporting ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh girl, I know this… they’re still so baby-ish but growing up so quickly. With every lost tooth or time away with a friend, I miss her more and more.

    Happy birthday sweet girl.

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