Wetter is Better: Single Ladies Love Lube Too

I found myself in a conversation the other day with a single friend of mine about lube. She’s recently re-entered the dating scene and I recommended to her that she give lube a try. She told me that her new man-friend is ‘anti-lube’, because, according to him, “it’s not necessary”. I laughed a little at this, thinking back to my own old attitudes about lube. I used to think that lube was for menopausal women or people with “issues” in the bedroom. I, too, had a bit of a negative association with using lube.

Now, not to get too personal, but rather early on in our relationship, CBG and I decided that we were NOT going to be boring in the bedroom. So one day I picked up a bottle of lube for us to try just for fun. And that, my friends, is how a ‘lube convert’ was born.

We’ve tried a few things over the years, and one of the products we’ve tried is Astroglide. One of the things I really like about Astroglide is that it feels like the body’s own natural lubrication. Astroglide is a leading brand recommended by Doctors: not just OB/Gyns, but GP, FP, and other specialty practices. They have a number of different products – Astroglide Natural (that is made with botanical ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile Flower Extract, Vitamins C&E). They even have a product called Astroglide X Premium Silicone, which can be used in the jacuzzi, pool, or even the ocean, for a little extra fun in the water. I just learned about this particular product and I’ve got to say, I’m looking forward to trying it. Wheeee!

Honestly, I can say without hesitation, that Astroglide makes sex better. For me, once I got on board with the idea that lube could be about fun, I realized that using a product like Astoglide adds a whole other dimension to our sex life. I really can’t say enough how much fun a little lube has added to the bedroom. If you haven’t given it a try yourself, I highly recommend it. I daresay you won’t be disappointed.

And the good news is that if my waxing poetic about the many benefits of lube has piqued your interest, Astroglide is giving away free samples. All you have to do is click here: http://astroglide.com/singleedition/ to get yours. Fun!

* * * * *

This is a sponsored post by Astroglide. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions in this blog post are my own.

7 Responses

  1. Gotta love the lube!

  2. Hmm. I’ve never given it a whirl. But maybe I shouldn’t be such a prude about it, huh??

  3. Will have to bookmark this post to be revisited in a couple months!

  4. Nice! I’ve used it occasionally but haven’t found one I like yet. Will have to give this one a go. Thanks girl!

  5. I thought for a long time that not having enough natural lubrication was a sign of my body’s failure. Then I tried lube and decided…to hell with that! 🙂 And in my experience it’s actually a sign of several other things, the two most important being not eating well and not sleeping enough. Because my skin is sensitive, though, I’ve had to try a few different ones to find one that doesn’t irritate my skin.

  6. Hahah I want my free lube but that site is blocked at my job. Will try again from home. 😉

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