A Moment of Clarity

Last night I had one of those moments of clarity that I have every now and again. A moment when I stop just briefly, and feel something very intensely. Often during these moments I find myself struck by joy or happiness, or with the beauty of a single moment in time.

Last night, however, it was a bit different. I found myself struck with the feeling that something big is on the way for me. Big and great. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what form it’s arriving in, and I don’t even know when it’s going to come. But this thought permeated my very being, that all of this struggle that I’ve gone through these last couple of years has started paying off, and it’s going to pay off even more in the coming year. Last night as I curled up with my journal for a few minutes, I found myself writing about how excited I am for the new year to come and to bring with it all the good things that I know in my heart it has.It’s a strange, excited-yet-confident feeling. Good things are on the horizon.

I realize that this will take some effort on my part as well. It’s not like I’m expecting to sit back and have everything that I’ve always dreamed of simply handed to me. I’m fully prepared to do any work necessary to get me what I want. In fact, at this point, I welcome the challenge. To The Universe I say, “Bring It”. This bad-ass is ready to rumble.

This morning as I write this I am feeling both excited for the future and at the same time, calm and reassured. It’s a tough feeling to accurately describe. As time goes on I know that things will take shape a bit more, and I might actually have some idea as to what these “good things” actually are.

But for now I’ll simply bask in the knowledge that they are coming, whatever they may be.

10 Responses

  1. Once in a while I’m hit with those absolutely blissful feelings that all is right with the world and it has fantastic things in-store for me, as well. It gives me such a sense of fulfillment, even before I know what great things I will experience! The anticipation of what those things might be is truly exciting and it also gives us an opportunity to put our positive thoughts out there in hopes that the things we hope are given priority come through for us. I hope all the wonderful things you hope for materialize in your life!

  2. BRING IT ON!! 2012 is going to be a game changer, I do believe, for you 🙂

  3. I admit it… I’m jealous of that feeling!!

  4. 2012 holds such promise. I sense that in a big way too. Awesome.

  5. What a great feeling! I’m happy for you that you get to experience it.

  6. Hooray! 2012 is going to be a great year for many of us. So excited!

    Merry Christmas too!

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  8. […] what 2012 has in store for me, CBG and our family I have absolutely no idea. I have a feeling that it’s going to be good, whatever it is. What I do know for sure is that no matter what else happens, there will plenty of laughs, lots of […]

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