Attitude is Everything.

Yesterday was one of those suck-tastic days at work that make it difficult for me to remember why I work where I do. I spent the day in a race against the clock, trying to get more accomplished than was humanly possible. Even as I was occupied with work for one colleague, I had another clamoring for me to do something for them. I barely left my desk for most of the day. I had my head down the entire day, sucking back coffee, silently begging the clock to slow down so I could get more done. My stress levels were through the roof.

I don’t have a lot of days like that at work, but when I do, it’s tempting to start daydreaming about finding work elsewhere.

And then I think about how fortunate I am to have a job that promotes work/life balance. A job that is understanding when I have sick children or am unable to get to work when school is unexpectedly canceled for a storm day. A job that comes with a great medical plan and hands out some pretty sweet corporate gifts. Stress or not, I am pretty fortunate to have what I have, for this stage of my life.

I woke up this morning and thought about how I have a choice. I could let yesterday’s stress spill into today, or I could look at it as a fresh start. Every day we all have that choice…to let circumstances out of our control affect our moods, or keep a positive attitude and count our blessings despite everything else. I can’t control my work load. I can’t control my coworkers.

But I can control me. And I am determined to smile today as I remember everything I have to be happy and grateful for.

4 Responses

  1. Agree 100% and how did you know I needed to hear that today! Happy Tuesday, Sunshine!

  2. So frickin true. As much as I sometimes get frustrated with miscommunication at work (since I work remotely, I don’t hear the hallway convos etc!), there are so many other GOOD things about it, that it outweighs the frustration. And it’s totally a mind-over-matter thing…I agree. Nice that you were able to ‘reset’ today!

  3. SUCH a great post and a reminder that I totally need, too – perspective is a bitch but 99.9999% of the time, she’s right. Damnit! 😉

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