Move Over Movember: There’s a new month in town

Dear Movember:

At first I was rather amused by you. You were one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. But as the days wore on, and the facial hair got longer, I have to say that you almost broke me.

He was having WAY too much fun with this whole mo thing.

While it was actually kinda fun having Buck Cockman around for a couple of days this month, I must admit that I greatly prefer CBG to his mildly creepy alter-ego. While I do enjoy a man who can perform like an adult film star in the bedroom, I decidedly do NOT enjoy a man who looks like one.

I have noticed a great many men who seem to have sprouted facial hair this month. Yes, I am a supporter of raising awareness for prostate cancer and men’s  health in general, I have found it more than a little unnerving this month to be unable to tell the “good” guys from the creepy ones. ‘Cuz for the past several weeks, everyone’s just looked creepy.

The good news is that as of today, the Universe will go back to the way it was intended. Naked upper lips will once again be the norm. Those with crusty upper lip hair will be safely relegated to the category of “creep”, and I don’t have to worry about laughing in my lover’s face during those amorous of moments together.

So long, Movember. I’m really glad I won’t be seeing you again for another 11 months.

CBG's not the only one who can rock a 'stache!

Even Kiddo and Lil' Mo got in on the Movember action.

2 Responses

  1. Haha! Bet you woke up today, December 1 and arm pumped 😉

  2. What a frickin riot – I love that pic of you two, his expression is hysterical!! (yours is even funnier – like “c’mon dude, really??” hehe)

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