Mom of the Year

Like any mom out there, I have bad days as well as good ones. I have those days when my patience is thin. Days when It’s tough dealing with my two lovely daughters, wonderful as they may be. Days when I’d like to just be able to crawl into bed, pull the covers up over my head, and NOT be a mom that day. I know we all experience that from time to time.

For me, what makes that even worse is the accompanying guilt I feel when I do have those days. Ah, yes, Mommy guilt. Instead of accepting the fact that I’m human and have bad days, I have a bad day, feel terrible, and then continue to feel terrible as I beat myself up for it.

But then there are those days that make up for all the bad ones. The days when I have endless patience, when the girls are well behaved, and I feel like Mom of the Year. Days when I know for sure that even though I may not always feel like it, there are a helluva lot of things that I’m doing right.

Yesterday was one of those “Mom of the Year” type of days. Not because I personally did anything all that terrific, but because of what my girls did for me. Every now and again they decide to scurry around and make a “party” in my honour. Last night was one of those nights….a random Tuesday evening when they decided that they wanted to let me know how awesome they think I am. While I was cooking dinner they were holed up in their room with paper, tape and streamers. When they called me in, they’d decorated their room with streamers, “I love you mommy” notes, and other home made decorations. They’d also each written me a little note.

Lil’ Mo’s note read:

“You are good at a lot of things but most of all you are good at loving us.”

Kiddo’s note read:

“Dear Mummy, I love you so ooo ooo much. You are the best mummy ever and I could not ask for a better mummy. You have an inspiring mind and  you’re a perfect role model for Molly and I. Thank you for being the best mummy ever.”

And you know what? After reading all that, I believe them. After all, it’s their opinion of my mothering that matters the most…even more so than my own.

Thank you, girls, you’re more amazing than I ever imagined you to be.

5 Responses

  1. aww!! that is seriously the cutest thing ever, they throw parties for you?? you have the best girls ever, and they truly DO have the best mom ever, too. I love this!

  2. Oh man, this post brought tears to my eyes – your girls LOVE YOU so much and rightfully so. You are an incredible mom to them, no matter what, even during those doubting days. So frickin’ cute that they plan these little parties for you complete with personal notes and streamers! They are the coolest kids ever!

  3. Brings tears to my eyes … seriously. Is there anything more beautiful than the love of our children?! I don’t think so!

  4. I’m telling you we even have the same kids!!! My daughters do this too. I love it. And you’re right! It’s THEIR opinion that matters. They’re happy faces and appreciate that makes it all worth it.

    Love this post so much.

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