Embracing Your Inner Badass in Three Easy Steps

How to Embrace Your Inner Badass in Three Easy Steps:

1.  Acknowledge (and celebrate!) your awesomeness.

2. Bitch slap fear.

3. Go out and get “it” – whatever your “it” may be.

* * * * *

I came to an important decision recently.

I’ve decided to be a badass.

You see, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve allowed fear, uncertainty, and low self-esteem rule my life for far too long. Anyone who has been reading this blog for any amount of time knows that Fear is a big part of the main cast of characters in my life.

And you know what? I’m sick of it.And I’ve decided that enough is enough.

Because the thing is, I’ve figured out the secret to being a badass. And it’s not nearly as difficult as one might think. Being a badass is simply deciding that you are one. That’s it. Nothing more. More than anything, it’s an attitude – embracing  your awesomeness and actually acting on it. The only difference between the truly courageous people and the cowards in life is the choice to keep fear in it’s proper place. We all feel fear from time to time, but it’s the badasses that decide they’re not going to let the fear hold them back. THAT is the person that I am determined to be going forward.

The half marathon showed me that when I am able to overcome my fears and truly push myself, that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought. If I can do what I did on marathon day, then honestly, there’s no telling what I can do. It’s time for me to get in touch with my Inner Badass: that fearless part of me that is ready to approach challenges head on and…ask for more. I’m not entirely sure what this is going to translate into in terms of my life. But I do know that it means I’M the boss now. Fear…you are no longer in charge. The Badass is running things.

I keep looking at this photo of myself, post-marathon, beaming with happiness and pride. Knowing that I was able to rise to the challenge. I look at this photo and see a happy, confident woman who is hungry for more. This woman is a total badass. And guess what? That woman is me. Me!

Oh yeah. THIS is what a badass looks like, my friends.

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

And so now the only other question that remains is: Who’s gonna join me? Who else is ready to embrace their own Inner Badass?

We Badasses gotta stick together!

18 Responses

  1. LOVE THIS!!!! And you are absolutely right – it’s as simple as telling yourself that you ARE a total and utter BADASS. I’m SO with you on embracing my inner badass and letting her out to play as often as she likes to. Rock on sista!!

  2. Good for you girl. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well HELL YEAH.

    Last night, my daughters were asking me how to break habits. I told them to simply STOP. I said, “Everyone has the power to stop doing something. All it takes is the decision to do it. You can stop anything.”

    Then my 10 year old chimed in, “Except being awesome. There’s no way to stop that.”

    Haha! Ain’t it true? See? We knew we were awesome at some point. Grab it and make it yours!


  4. Bitch slap the shit out of fear. YES! I need to do this too, and am ready to take her, game on!! (and I love that pic of you too, SUCH pride!!)

  5. Yes! I love step 2! I want to be a badass too.

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  12. […] The point is, the anger really isn’t gone, now is it? Maybe I don’t blow my lid at my kids or fly off the handle at CBG for every minor annoyance, but there’s that anger, day in and day out, burrowed into my hips like so many double-stuff Oreos. Pigeon pose gets right to the heart of the matter and stirs it up, which is why I find myself wanting to kidney punch my yoga instructor after about 30 seconds. The more I fight against the feeling, the angrier I become. I know now that I need to simply allow myself to feel what I’m feeling in the moment, take note of it, and then let it go. Y’know, all that ‘awareness’ and ‘being in the moment’ mumbo-jumbo that I like to spout when I’m feeling like the Badass who has the world by the balls. […]

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