New Beginnings

I know it’s a throwback from my old school days, but there is something about September that always feels more like the beginning of something than January does. When the early morning crispness in the air begins in late August, I find myself wanting to do things, make plans, take a class – something. I dream of getting organized and starting something new.

This year is no exception. I feel strangely motivated, but I’m not sure what direction to take it in. Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning, organizing and decluttering my apartment – a total of 13 hours. In between I cooked meals, had a little fun with the girls, and even did some baking. It felt good to make some progress on something that’s important to me – my living space. I may be stuck in a small apartment right now, but I’m determined to do my best to make this space a home. I feel like I’m a couple of steps closer to accomplishing that. It’s good to be able to bask in that feeling.

As for what else I’m going to do this fall, I’m not sure. I’ve been investigating classes, something fun, just for me  – everything from creative writing to yoga – but anything that tickles my fancy is either inconvenient for me to attend, or falls on a night that I’m with my girls. There’s no way I’m sacrificing even a minute of my time with them, and totally switching up the schedule with my ex isn’t easily accomplished and not worth the trouble at this point.

So for now I’m left drumming my fingers and continuing to explore possibilities. If nothing else, I’ll have one helluva clean and organized living space…

5 Responses

  1. You’ll find something! When it’s right…everything will just work out. Happy fall! I can’t wait, either!

  2. Fall sounds soooo nice. I hear you on the antsy feeling. I’m sure the holidays will kick in just in time for me to work it all out!

  3. I totally get what you mean. Fall is a great time to start something new, whatever that may be and ‘mentally reset’ for the rest of the year (and shudder – winter!).

  4. I’ve been cleaning too. There’s something about getting rid of the old to make room for the new!

  5. I agree! September is when I like to start new things too. It’s so motivating. Plus, Starbucks has pumpking spice lattes. Ahhh, fall! 🙂

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