Guest Post from Karma: Moving Too Fast

*”Karma” is my oldest friend. We have known each other since we were five years old. We keep in touch sporadically, but I have to say that in the last five years she’s been one my biggest supporters. She is a single momma and one of the wisest people that I know. Here is the first of what will hopefully be many guest blog posts to come.

“Moving Too Fast”

I don’t really remember the moment
that i knew my life had changed forever.
It took a while.
it wasn’t instant. and it wasn’t love at first sight.
i wish i could say it was, but it wasn’t.
For a little while, i knew what i felt was strong,
but i didn’t know what to call it.

Before i knew it,
you were all there was; all
the world had to hold for me.
Its exciting, it makes me laugh
Its terrifying, it makes me cry
its like wearing your heart
outside your chest, everyday.
watching it walk around in front of you
hoping it doesn’t get broken.

But knowing, eventually that it will.

Knowing you has been the best thing that
has ever happened to me.
I wish i had the strength to tell you every day,
no. the courage,
to tell you every day that with out you
my life it would be cold.

The more i get to know you,
the more i like you;
and not just because i should,
or i feel i have to,
but because you are a good person,
a truly good person,
and that gives me hope
that the world isn’t as bad
as i thought it was.

love, Mom

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