Running the Mile I’m In

I was reading about my blog friend Jobo’s running struggles yesterday. One of her commenters left her the best advice.

Just run the mile you’re in.

Don’t worry about the mile you just ran, or the miles ahead you have to go. Stay focused on where you are in any given moment.

This struck me as so profound. Not just as advice for how to get through a particularly long and difficult run, but as advice for how to get through life. So many times in life I spend too much time thinking about the mile I just ran, or the miles that I have left to go. I spend very little time enjoying the mile that I’m currently in, or even congratulating myself for how well the mile is going.

I do a lot better when it comes to running. Once a mile is over and done with, I leave it behind me. I don’t worry about how well I did or how strong I was. I think only about the moment that I’m in. I anticipate the miles ahead, and plan for them as best I can,  but they’re not weighed down with any kind of anxiety or worry. I take them as they come. If I have to slow down and walk a little bit, then so be it. I respect what my body has to say. Maybe I run further than I planned, maybe not as far. I simply do my best on any given run, and if it’s not so great today, then I do my best to make sure that tomorrow is even better.

I’ve realized that it’s time to apply this philosophy a lot more to my own life.  The “miles” I have gone through are past now. There is no point in worrying about how much I struggled or how difficult they were. Nothing can be done to change the past. As for the future, well, that hasn’t happened yet. I always have opportunity to change what is to come. The only thing I have is today…the current moment…the mile that I’m in. And the one thing that’s going to make it great is my own determination for it to be so.

And so today, I will run the mile that I’m in. Fabulous or not, each mile is all a part of my life, of the person that I am right now, and the person that I am becoming. Each mile has value. Each mile has something unique to teach me. Each mile is uniquely mine.

I will take them all as they come.

6 Responses

  1. I love this, obviously. It is so true and I need to really buckle down and apply it to my runs (and life) too, because I – as you pointed out – am putting so much pressure on myself. So what, I just ran just under 4 miles. I wanted 5, but I didn’t measure my mileage until after (purposely). That’s ok. I got through each mile and did it. Right? Same with life….getting through the miles we’d like to forget…and enjoying each mile we are in now. A-MEN.

  2. Thank you. That phrase struck me the same too. Thank you for writing it out for me. 🙂

  3. this is absolutely perfect…running is my absolute kryptonite. It is also the KEY THING that is holding me back in terms of my own personal fitness. What often happens is that my mind gives up before my body. Usually….almost every time. I needed to read this. thank you

  4. I loved that comment on Jo’s blog too. Totally profound on so many levels – and how you compared it to live here? Even more profound. Awesome way to look at life that way. I may be borrowing this…

  5. Love this. Sometimes I find uplifting statements too cheesy or poetic in a way that buries the message. This is wonderfully clear. Definitely going to share this with others. Thanks for always sharing your insight 🙂

  6. […] me updates at each mile. Um, no thanks. I don’t need to know each mile, I’d rather run the mile I’m in (and thanks Ronda for that quote, yet again! LOVE it) and pace myself without thinking ‘okay, […]

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