Life’s Little Surprises

This weekend I met my 73 year old mother’s boyfriend.

Yeah…you read that correctly. My mother has a boyfriend.

The fact that she has someone in her life in a romantic capacity is proof positive that you just never know what life is going to bring your way. My dad has been gone now for almost 23 years. My mother had never before entertained the thought of having someone else in her life. Not that my parent’s marriage was all that great; in fact, just the opposite – they had a rather volatile relationship and I think that she believed that all relationships were like that. She had no interest whatsoever in having another man in her life.

And then, six months or so ago, a man she went to school with over SIXTY YEARS AGO looked her up out of the blue. He’d lost his wife a few years ago and was looking for some companionship. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get my mother to open up her mind to the idea of allowing someone into her life, but now that she has, it would seem that she’s jumped in with both feet.

In a matter of six months, my mother has definitely become a changed woman. She’s like a teenager in love. She’s even more scatterbrained than ever. She’s also a lot more laid back…almost to the point where she doesn’t really care that much about what her kids are doing anymore. She used to be the kind of person who was a little too involved in her children’s lives. These days it would seem that if it’s not about her new beau, she really doesn’t care all that much. Also? Her health(which she has struggled with for years) seems to be greatly improved.

I have to say, while it’s a little weird to see my mom interact with someone in this way, it’s also nice to know that life is full of such surprises…often better than the surprises we could ever imagine for ourselves. A year ago my mother never would have guessed that this is where she’d be today. If my mother can get herself a beau, then truly, anything is possible for any of us.

My mother in love! Who knew?

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  1. “If my mother can get herself a beau, then truly, anything is possible for any of us.” Amen to that! From now on I’m going to accept the fact that anything is possible and this time I’m going to mean it..

  2. Oh I love this! I was just blogging about how I have 5 short years left before I am an empty nester. I can’t lose these years to worrying about whether I’m ever going to pair up. I’ve got years to enjoy, and seek partnership. Yay! For your mom 🙂 And for all of us.

  3. aww! That is too cute. Seriously. My mom didn’t date at all for years and years after my parents divorced and the first time I saw her interact ‘that way’ with a man, I was 20 (it had been well over 10 years since my dad and my mom divorced) and at that stage in life, it was so refreshing to see. Who knew, right? I think that’s great for your mom!

  4. Ah, I dream about a woman from my sweet Dad’s past calling him up and asking him out… He’s 73, too, and solo for 30+ years.

  5. Man it *was* an interesting weekend! So recently you and CBG both met the SO’s eh?

    🙂 Makes me grin dudes.

    • My situation is slightly different than CBG’s. My mom has been alone for almost 23 years, and never had any plans to be otherwise. All of her kids are more than ready for her to be out there with someone, with a life of her own. I would have a felt a whole lot differently if it had been less than four months after the fact

      • Oh I see the differences, for sure. I just also noticed the timing in each of you meeting someone. 🙂

  6. I love this story too! It does seem strange to see how relationships change people… especially when those “people” are your parents! Congrats to her on the new love!

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