Seeing Results

As a runner there is no better feeling when you suddenly notice an improvement. Sometimes that improvement comes in the way of being a little faster, running  a longer distance, or simply feeling stronger during your run.

I had one those runs this morning. From the second I hit the street I could feel a difference in myself. I only had time to run my regular 5k route, but I felt like I could have easily done double that. And that, my friends, was a truly awesome feeling.

I’m noticing results in other areas of my life, thanks to my focus on myself and my needs lately. I am feeling stronger. I am feeling more at peace. I have more clarity when it comes to both myself and my relationship with CBG. I am giving him space to “do his thing” and find his way – and I daresay that he’s doing it. I see the effort that he’s making and it reassures me that allowing him some space is the right thing to do.

I’m certainly not finished, by any means. Running has taught me that one good day doesn’t necessarily mean that the next one will be just as good. All I can do is be thankful for this one and do my best to keep up the good work.Today’s success will help to encourage me tomorrow…and every day after that.

Slowly but surely I’m getting there.

4 Responses

  1. WOOHOO! That is AWESOME. I felt pretty good on my run with Jess today too, though my calves were on fire. She pushed me through it and I kept my breathing in control. Feeling stronger and having a good run completely builds up confidence, doesn’t it?

  2. LOVE It!!!! So happy you’re feeling more confident and seeing the results of your hard work. Feels pretty awesome, huh?

  3. YAY! I love a good strong run. And you’re right… some days we’re stronger and others we’re not. But keep on keepin’ on! Remembering to allow…


  4. cool post, little by little you will become stronger and stronger.

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