Love Gone Wrong

It started off like so many stories.

Boy meets girl. Boy likes what he sees…expresses interest in the girl. The two begin spending a lot of time together, eventually declaring that they are “boyfriend and girlfriend”. All goes well for a while, but eventually the girl decides that she’s not as into the boy as she once was. Boy was  off doing his own thing far too often, and only seemed to want to have the girl around when it was convenient for him. Girl broke it off with boy.

Boy didn’t take the breakup well, however. He continued to hang around, telling her that feelings can change, trying to convince her that she didn’t feel that way after all. Boy even went so far as to force himself on the girl one day to steal a kiss, despite her objections. Girl questioned herself just a bit, wondering if he might be right after all, even though she was still pretty positive she didn’t feel that way.

Enter New Boy. New Boy sweeps in and confesses his feelings for the girl that he’s been keeping quiet for a while. The girl is intrigued and flattered, but cautious. She decides to give it time to determine her feelings for New Boy.

When Boy discovers that there is a New Boy in the girl’s life, he doesn’t take it well. He begins harassing the two of them, making vague threats. His behaviour and attitude become increasingly worrisome to the girl until the day that, in what can only be assumed was a fit of anger and jealousy, The Boy approaches the two and attacks the girl. He wraps his hands around her throat and chokes her. Fortunately he lets go before any real damage is done. “There”, he says as he walks away, “now you and [New Boy] can have your happy ending.” 

In most stories this is where (hopefully) the police are called and charges are pressed for assault. In this case, however, it’s not possible – the people involved are only eight years old.

And the girl? Well, the girl is my daughter, Kiddo.

This is the situation that my ex husband and I have been dealing with for the last week. In the blink of an eye we’ve found ourselves dealing with a situation and questions that I’d always hoped that I’d never have to deal with – let alone at this age.

I’ve also had to deal with figuring out how to not assault an eight year old boy on the playground myself. Because this momma bear? Well, she doesn’t deal well with anyone mistreating her kids, let alone a little future domestic abuser in training. NOT cool. Tempting as it was, the logical side of my brain told me that making an eight year old boy wet his pants wouldn’t be the best way to garner sympathy from school officials. It took a lot of restraint, people, let’s just put it that way.

Yesterday afternoon the ex and I sat down with the principal to discuss the situation. She was compassionate, responsive and reassuring. The boy was punished for his behaviour (as much as can be done with eight years in a school setting) and the boy’s parents were notified. The classroom has been re-arranged so that this little shit boy is no longer sitting right next to my daughter. All of the adults around (the teacher, principal, lunch room monitors and after school supervisors) are aware of the situation and will be keeping an extra  close eye on everyone. It’s about as much as can be done in this situation.

And as for my daughter? She has recovered from the incident  and is ready to move on with her 2nd grade life. She’s also decided that this New Boy is a little too “clingy” for her liking, and so she’s not going to pursue things with him. She’s actually decided that she’s had enough of boys at school for a little while and is to focus more of her energy into her new crush – Harry Potter. In fact, she’s just written the first chapter of her own Harry Potter fan fiction book.

Heh. That’s my girl.

10 Responses

  1. Whaaaaat? That is crazy. Glad Kiddo is taking it so well.

  2. Omg. I didn’t realize Kiddo and The Little Flirt are the same age. And going through the same issues re boys. TFL was beaten up a few days ago because she is crushing on some little slutty bitch’s ex. I hope Kiddo doesn’t have any residual issues. Sadly I didn’t have your cool level headedness I growled at the girl but restrained myself with my seatbelt in my car.

    I swear most of today’s kids are growing up totally screwed up because we can’t discipline them like we were as kids or we get charged with abuse. That boy deserves to be suspended from school and a get a good smack on the ass or whacked on his hands.

    Wait maybe eye-for-an-eye? Wrap hands around this throat and squeeze?

  3. Blueberry is in 3rd grade and recently we dealt with a boy in her class who kept telling her he wanted to have sex with her, kept trying to kiss her, grab her “boobs”, etc. I talked with the teacher and she made him move his desk to the other side of the room. I never in a million years thought I’d be dealing with this kind of stuff in 3rd grade! Very sad and kind of scary!

  4. I want to choke that little shit!!! what an ass. Seriously, that kid is in for trouble if he continues that behavior as he grows up. Awful. I am so sorry you had to deal with this but am glad that your daughter is bouncing back!! Resilient, like her mom 🙂

  5. That was quite the surprise twist. It really brings out rage in me. I’m glad your daughter is so strong. There are other girls out there that are much weaker. Poor child.

    • That was one positive thing that I have been able to take away from this – the fact that Kiddo is such a strong little girl. Her actions and her attitude have really made me proud.

  6. Seriously? I’d be ashamed to be that Little Shit’s mother. Unreal! How on earth is he already such a shit at such a young age?? I guess it must run in the family, huh? Man, I”d have such a hard time not strangling that kid myself. good lord!!

  7. Yikes… I just started having a mild panic attack. After the violence with my Ex this sort of thing tears me up. I’m glad she is okay.

  8. Ok, reading this post is one thing but then reading everyone’s comments…. is this some sort of sad epidemic? WTF?!?

    Kudos for you for holding your shit together. I would have gone all crazy on his ass. And moving desks is NOT a solution.

    *seethes under her breath*

  9. One other thing…. look at Kiddo being all “I got this Mom”….

    I love how she already knows if a boy isn’t good enough for her! Go girl!

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