“He’s so awesome he makes other men look bad”

So many times, The Universe provides us with exactly what need. We just need to be paying attention.

Last night I went out with a new friend, and a couple of her friends. This new friend is the mom of a girl in L’il Mo’s class – a single mom who lives right around the corner from me. We exchanged numbers a few weeks ago and finally hooked up last night for drinks and food at a local pub.

She started asking me about CBG over a glass of wine at her house before we went out. The first thing she asked me was, “Is he a good guy?” She’s been burned by men. I suspect there may be a bit of (rightly earned) cynicism there. I found myself saying, “You know what? He’s so awesome that he makes other men look bad.”

We talked a bit about the distance. She commended me for being able to make things work for as long as we have. She wondered why he hadn’t moved here yet. I explained the situation…that CBG is tied to his home city because of Ankle Biter, just like I am tied here because of my girls. I shrugged and said, “How can I fault a man who is so committed to his kid that he won’t leave him? I can’t. It’s one of the great things about him.”

She agreed. Being a good father is one of the things we look for in our men..

A night out with the girls last night was exactly what I needed….particularly with a couple of other single moms. Talking about CBG with these women gave me a whole other perspective – the opportunity to see my relationship through someone else’s eyes. And you know what? It looks pretty damn awesome. After yesterday’s little anxiety attack, I needed some perspective in that area of my life. And whaddaya know? It was exactly what The Universe provided me with.

Today I’m back to feeling optimistic and hopeful. I have a man who absolutely adores me. Who endures hardship because he believes in what we have. A man who is a good father who is committed to his kids. A man who is willing to wait for me.

All things considered, I’ve got it pretty freaking good.

Thank you, Universe. Last night’s reminder was just what I needed.

3 Responses

  1. YES! Sometimes all you do need is to “see” it through someone else’s eyes or perspective. Trust me – you have a relationship (and a guy) worth envying. Despite the LDR piece, you two make your love and devotion work. And THAT is no small feat. Distance or no distance, relationships and love is hard, takes work and commitment, doing that from afar adds a whole other element entirely. I admire you two, so much.

  2. Yay! I love what you said, automatically about CBG. That he makes other guys look bad…that is just awesome and so true. He is a blessing in your life as you are in his. Glad you are feeling better today.

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