Things I’ve Learned in the Last Three Years

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about the last three years of my life….specifically thinking about all of the progress I’ve made. I’ve learned many, many things in these last several years. Here are just some of those things.

How to triumph over depression.

The depths of my own strength.

How to stand my ground.

The things that are truly important.

How to be independent and take care of myself.

How to have a healthy romantic relationship.

How I want to be loved.

What friendship really means.

How to allow happiness.

The life I want to lead.

The person I want to be.

The best news of all is that I feel like all of this is just the beginning for me…the beginning of a life that I’ve always wanted to live. It maybe not be perfect, but dammit, it’s mine, and I plan to live the hell out of it.

5 Responses

  1. absolutely love this and so funny because I have a post brewing that is sort of similar to this…amazing what a catalyst something like divorce can be, isn’t it? So happy to see where you are right now!! Makes me smile.

  2. I’ve learned some of those myself, and I’m still working on some of the others. My favorite thing you’ve learned is How to Stand Your Ground. That one is so important yet so hard to do sometimes. Glad you got that one, the rest come easy after that one IMO.

  3. Yes! It’s good to take inventory of how far you’ve come, isn’t it?

    Now, hold on for the next few years! It only gets better from here. 😉

  4. All major achievements.


    I look forward to reading the updated version in another 3 years time!

  5. Those are major, major accomplishments that so many people struggle with their whole life. I’m happy for you. And I love how you said it’s just the beginning. Live the hell out of it! 🙂

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