Willful Ignorance

Yesterday I went out for a morning run. The first time I did that since CBG and I were away on the cruise. And yeah … you bet your butts I went for a run on that pathetically small running track on that cruise ship. And it was purely so I could say that I did it – and to justify the valuable real estate my running shoes took up in my suitcase.

Yesterday’s run was great. The second I set foot outside I was greeted with warm, fresh spring air. An instant smile spread across my face. My favourite time of year to run, my favourite time of day, my favourite kind of weather. Small, soft raindrops landed on my cheeks as I took off down the street, music turned up.

It wasn’t a particularly long, fast, or hard run. But it was just what I needed – body, mind and spirit. By the time I made it back home I felt worlds lighter….like I managed to shed a few things along the way. And I did – stress and negativity. I spent the rest of the morning getting ready for work, able to accomplish more than usual. I definitely had a permasmile. My body was humming from the exercise. My spirit was light and bubbly. My mind was crisp and clear. It was exactly what I needed.

So why, then, do I often “forget” how great it feels to get out there for those early morning runs? Why do I allow myself to become complacent and unmotivated? I have seen proof – time and time again – that getting out there for those morning runs are *just* what I need.

Admittedly, I have this part of me likes to sabotage my best efforts at feeling good and living up to my fullest potential. It’s like that part is comfortable with feeling bad. And sometimes, this part of me takes over for a while and starts calling the shots. I “forget” how good it feels to challenge my body. I “forget” how much more emotionally balanced I am when I’m active. I “forget” how awesome that runner’s high feels.This part of me likes me to sit back and blame my problems on everything else but my own inactions.

Well I have a newsflash for that part of me. Sunshine’s back in charge. I got a good reminder yesterday of exactly why I need to get off my ass and keep doing what’s best for me. It may not last forever, but dammit, I’m determined to make the best of it while it does.

13 Responses

  1. Its amazing what the power of excersize can do to an individual… Think what the world would be like if every one ran!


  2. This is awesome stuff!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

  3. So glad you had a great run…I was trying so hard to have a good one yesterday but had a pretty pitiful one (really thinking it could be some sort of exercise induced asthma), but the way you describe that feeling, that great run feeling is exactly why I love to run! And now that spring is here, hopefully it gives both of us the motivation to keep at it! We can do more virtual run dates! 🙂

  4. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been so damn miserable lately and then I started reading your post and started counting the days.
    It’s been over a week since I’ve been to the gym or gone for a run. Almost two weeks since I was going consistently.

    I need to schedule in gym time. It makes me a much happier and healthier (mentally and physically) person.

    Great post!

    • Getting exercise really does up the happiness factor for sure. I always feel so much more balanced and able to handle whatever life happens to throw my way. 😉

  5. “Admittedly, I have this part of me likes to sabotage my best efforts at feeling good and living up to my fullest potential. ”

    Girl, we ALL have a part of us that does that. We all forget or resist what makes us feel good. Sometimes we almost choose to feel bad. But hey, that’s ok if we’re aware that’s what we’re doing, right? There’s power in that awareness.

    Great job! Now, set a goal (1/2 marathon or more) so that you’ll continue to get your ass out there!

    • Y’know, logic tells me that if I can choose to be happy, then I choose to feel bad, too. That’s a difficult realization to swallow some days.

      And you’re right. I *should* set a goal. I have to think about it. 😉

  6. When I first started running I never thought that I would even enjoy it and then, I fell in love with it!

    And the good thing is runs never let me down!

  7. I so get this! Every time I get down to a certain weight level, I feel like I sabotage myself. I know I am capable of going farther, but for some reason I just don’t let myself. Good for you on the run!

  8. Woo hoo for Sunshine being back in charge 🙂 I hope that one day I’ll be able to actually run and enjoy it!

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