I’m Putting The Universe on Notice…

Okay, Universe, you’ve been warned. We’re coming after you.

After my post yesterday (and the comments that followed) I got thinking about the fact that there are plenty of us out there who have things we’d like The Universe to deliver. Some of them we’ve mentioned plenty of times, others perhaps we haven’t made them quite so public.

I’m a big believer in putting things “out there” to The Universe (hence my post yesterday). So now I’d like to invite everyone else to do the same.

In the comments section, please leave your request for The Universe….big or small, anonymous or not, a polite request or a rude demand, crotch rot for your ex or not…whatever you feel like.

Let’s make shit happen, kids!

21 Responses

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand to get the ball rolling, I’ll go first.

    Dear Universe, in addition to making sure this long distance relationship becomes not-so-long-distance in the VERY near future, I’d also like to add getting my divorce finally freaking finalized, mmmkay?


  2. Dear Universe:
    I want to get pregnant. I want my long distance international relationship-turned-marriage to turn into parenthood with him. I’m 42, and we know the risks, but love changes everything so this is what we want. A healthy child together.
    Thank you.

  3. Dear Universe, What MommaSunshine said minus the divorce biz. That LDR list of yours is getting longer!!
    How about you work on the longest list first 🙂 Thank you~ Starthrower

  4. Dear Universe,
    I’d like to find a job where I’m appreciated and respected and I love dearly…and one that actually pays enough to pay the bills, kay?

  5. Ya know… I’d just like my man to figure out his career/financial situation so that he doesn’t have to think about it anymore. Or else, help him to find his happy in spite of it. You take care of that and the rest will fall into place.

    Thanks for all the other lessons and good stuff.


  6. Dear Universe!
    Please! I like being a nice person. Can you make it so that I can continue to be a nice person? People are walking all over me, y’konw? Like total manipulation. Ok, ok, I get it, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.. but, y’see, I just want to beleive in people. Like good, hard-working kind people. Please. Don’t let me turn mean…
    Thats all. Have a nice day!

  7. Dear Universe: We don’t ask for much, me and my family. We mostly just want to be left alone, unfettered.

    But y’know what? We really need a vacation. And we really need the peace that Yosemite Nat’l Park offers. If the US government is shut down, the park will be shut down, as will all National Parks in the US. Not only will people’s vacations be ruined, but jobs will be lost as well.

    So, please, Universe. Use your powers to convince US politicians to AVOID A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.

    love, Katerz

  8. Dear Universe:

    I don’t know hether this long distance romance is where I’m supposed to be or not but I’d really like some direction.
    I just want love and happiness in my life.
    True, feel it in my soul kind of certainty, right down to my very core kind of love.


  9. Dear Universe:

    Thank you for my family, my dog, my new home, my job, my life.


    No more late night phone calls from family that scare the bejesus out of me. Thanks.


  10. Hmm…this is a tough one…maybe because I feel like personally, I DO have a lot going on good in my life. I guess I’d like to ask that the Universe just make all this traveling the next few months relatively painless. That’s not too big a request, right?

  11. dear universe-

    I’m okay being single indefinitely. i don’t want love or romance, i don’t need a man. all i want is a job that can support me and my two girls, and a decent place to call our own. we’ve been sharing one bedroom for 2 1/2 years now, and although i’m working full time, we still can’t afford to move. if you could help a girl out, and give my almost-5 year old the bedroom she’s been asking for, that would be awesome.

    thanks in advance,

  12. Dear Universe, I want a life comfortable and happy. And when I leave this earth, I want to have no regrets.

  13. Dear Universe,

    I would pretty please like to find a job that is both challenging and satisfying. My discontent with my job is sneaking into all other aspects of my life. K, thanks!


  14. Yeah. The Universe failed me. I got my phone call on Sunday night.

    Universe FAIL.

  15. Stumbled upon your post while googling ‘putting it out to the universe’….and, well…..I’d like to throw mine in!

    I’d like to fill the one gap left in my life. I’m pretty lucky to have a great job, great friends, cool life….but, I’m missing someone awesome/fab to share it with.
    All my life all I’ve ever wanted is a great partner to share my life with….and, so far…..lots of applications, but no ‘the one’.

    Soooooo, Universe dude……how ’bout a little helping hand!

    (thanks also to you, owner of this blog! You rawk!)

  16. Dear Universe, the financial hardtimes must end. Give me a rewarding & fulfilling job that can help pay my kids fees, pay mortgage – generally a comfy life, soonest. To be more specific an international job in a family duty station. Tx

  17. Dear Universe, I’ve been looking for a job for so long that it’s becoming a permanent pain and mars my life. Please give me a job that I love where I am respected and given challenging work — also enough to meet my expenses. That’s all I ask — I invested so much time, money and education into my career with no results — please turn this situation around.

  18. Dear Universe, Well i feel that i put it out there,, my ideals and what i would like to see in my future in intricate detail (love creative visualization) I feel now that the Universe has answered,,, In a massive almost unachievable way,, i don’t know how it plans to make this happen but everything points in that direction,, So i throw it at you, If that’s the way you want it to go Im absolutely tickled pink, and fully ready to move with you and take on this new life phase ❤

  19. Dear Universe, please just make things better for all. and if you let the man I care about forgive and open his heart and standup to his friends, I would be eternally grateful. and please give Dom my love in heaven and let him watch over me.

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