Don’t Let Go

The very last day our vacation together was bittersweet. It had been an amazing week together, full of so many wonderful experiences, beautiful sites, fantastic moments. The week hadn’t felt short at all, and I really feel as though we took ample time to stop and enjoy it all. But to be honest, by the end of the week I was looking forward to getting home and seeing my girls, who I missed terribly while I was away.

But the end of vacation also meant the end of “CBG-time”. We’d seen a lot of each other over the past month or so, much more than is typical, and even the thought of going back to our every-two-week schedule again was fairly depressing. But still….how could we possibly sad after the week we’d had together?

The last plane trip home was particularly memorable. We spent the whole flight laughing, talking, joking, holding hands and snuggling. In fact, the man across the aisle from us asked if we were newlyweds. heh. We spent the entire time touching and holding each other, hanging on…practically clinging to one another…not wanting it all to end just yet. Not really even the vacation part…but the being together part. That was the thing that made this week so special. It wasn’t the amazing sights or the fun experiences or the laughter or the adventures. Memories can and are made anywhere. But the nature of our relationship means that any time we get to be together is precious and truly special.

Out of all the things I did and saw that entire week, CBG’s smiling face as we flew over the Atlantic ocean on our way home is the one that will remain with me the longest. The feeling of love I felt for him – bigger and better than ever – will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I truly feel like the luckiest gal in the world.

10 Responses

  1. Happy times, happy memories and that feeling of pure appreciation. One very good side to an LDR.

    Have a great CBG weekend!

  2. I have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the posts about your vacation. Both yours and his.
    This one is as equally beautiful and touching as the last.
    I love that second last sentence. 🙂

  3. aww!! LOVE this. I felt the same way on my flight home from Jamaica…except I know I will see M much more often than you see CBG, what went through my mind was that I’d be getting on a plane in a few more days to go back to Cali. Bittersweet-ish as well.

  4. I’m happy this trip happened … for all of you. You all deserved it so much!

  5. So sweet! It’s been so fun following along with your tandem recaps of the trip. 🙂

  6. Lucky indeed! You both are! I’m glad you had such a wonderful extended time with him.

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