The Very Worst Thing About Long Distance Relationships

In the last two years, I’ve spent a lot of time whining about how tough the LDR thing is. I have sugar-coated nothing. It sucks ass. Obviously the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, but still. CBG and I see each other usually about 4 or 5 days every month. Sure, they are 4 or 5 action packed, sex-filled, love strengthening, super-bonding days, but during those other 20-something days every month, it’s really tough.

It sucks.

The thing is, though, I’m finally feeling that we are starting to get the hang of this. I am working on making my life outside of my relationship a meaningful one. I can live with the fact that I sleep alone most nights. I am learning how to take care of myself, do things around the house, and generally just be an independent person. Sure, I miss him – every single day – but it’s not an excruciating kind of pain like it was in the beginning. At this point I feel like I’ve got this. I can handle it.

There is one thing that I’m sure will never get easier, though. And that is the feeling of helplessness when CBG is going through something difficult, like he is now with his mom. I can offer all the kind words and sympathetic noises in the world, but they just don’t do the trick when a hug is what’s really needed.

This is the part that will always be a struggle…the part that time will not make easier.

At this point, the only thing I can do is continue to offer a listening ear, kind words and sympathetic noises.

And hug the living daylights out of him when we’re together again. I just wish it could be more.

7 Responses

  1. Lots of hugs to you both. So sad. I’ll be thinking of you guys!

  2. Still have tears in my eyes reading CBG’s post today. I am so sorry. And I can imagine the helplessness…but you are doing all you can. You are being the rock he needs.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about CBG’s mother.

    But you should know, you ARE there for him, even if you can’t physically hug him. Just having you in his life makes this whole thing easier. Don’t discount that. It’s huge.

    My thoughts are with you both.

  4. Lots of hugs and strength to you, in this time when you will need to be strong sometimes for the both of you . I hope what I am sayign makes sense.

  5. His heart knows you’re there for him, even if you are far away. I’m so sorry about his mom, Sunshine. 😦

  6. Ok so I met this guy about a month ago. He lives in Australia, I’m in the states. We both really like each other, but it’s hard to make anything go any further because of the distance. Any advice?

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