Feeling the Love

After agreeing not to do anything for Valentine’s Day for each other, CBG surprised on Friday night after work with flowers and a box of (dark!) chocolates and a card that brought tears to my eyes. I love surprises like this, even though I felt guilty for having nothing for him (after all, we had a deal to ignore Valentine’s, didn’t we???) But every time I look at my beautiful bouquet of flowers I smile and the guilt melts away just a tiny bit more.

Our visit this time was a little less emotionally intense than last time. This visit allowed us four whole nights together, which is a huge treat on one hand, but makes “real life” a little bit tougher to get back to when Monday rolls around. Our weekend was full of love, laughter, meeting some new Twitter friends, visiting with CBG’s mom lots, going to the Farmer’s Market, running errands and just enjoying being together. It was another one of those weekends that makes the time apart feel worth it. It was also one of those weekends that gave me enough love to carry me through another two weeks.

Saying goodbye is always tough…but it makes saying hello just that much better.

Only 10 more sleeps to go.

9 Responses

  1. Yea, agreed. Soooo worth it! And very nice surprise, CBG!

  2. Aww! What a great surprise! Those are the best, no matter how big or small the gift, the surprise is almost just as good. I am so glad you had such a good weekend, despite everything going on. XO.

  3. He’s so sweet. A real keeper. I’m glad you guys had a great weekend. Here’s hoping the 10 sleeps go quickly!

  4. What a lovely surprise.

  5. Flowers, flowers, I do believe I remember a blog post encouraging CaNook to do just that!

    You’re welcome. 😉

    Hahahaha … I’m happy for you guys. I mean, you two are like the couple I want to be. Like, not by myself. You know what I mean.

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