My 10 Long-Distance Relationship “Date Wishes” for 2011

So CBG and I hatched a plan to write coinciding blog posts for today. The posts are all about things we’d like to do together in terms of dates in 2011. I guess the idea is that if we write them down and put them out there, we can each try to make the other person’s wishes for the upcoming year come true.

So here’s what I came with…things that I would like to do this year with CBG.

1. Go to the drive-in. We are fortunate enough to each have a drive-in relatively near to our cities. I haven’t been to the drive-in since high school. There’s just something fun about smuggling in your own snacks and sitting back in your car and making fun of a movie (loudly) without having to worry about the people around you. Fun!

2. Go to Prince Edward Island. I haven’t been to PEI since I was first married, back in 2001. The ex and I went there on our “honeymoon”. It’s a beautiful island and it’s something that I would like to experience with CBG, even just for a short weekend visit. The scenery is breathtaking and the food is awesome. I’ve been wanting to go back ever since the first time I went there.

3. Spend a day at Kejimikujik National Park. There is a lovely, huge national park just a couple of short hours from my city. The park has so much beautiful scenery and hiking trails. The Ex and I used to go camping there every summer; I haven’t been there in about three years. I’m pretty sure that CBG has never been there. I’d love for us to explore the park, maybe rent a canoe….just enjoy nature. If he’s really feeling adventuresome, perhaps I can even convince CBG to tent there overnight. Then again, perhaps I won’t push my luck on that one. heh.

4. Watch a sunset. We’ve enjoyed several sunrises together, and it’s actually been fun. This  year I’d like to switch it up and watch a lovely sunset together, just because it’s something that we haven’t done before. 

5. See a concert. I don’t care if it’s in a big venue or just a live performance of some washed-up 80s band at the local Casino. Even though I’m not a KISS fan, I actually had a lot of fun when we went to see them a year and a half ago. I’d really like to experience something like that again – even if it’s on a much smaller scale.

6. Have a regular “dinner and  a movie” date. It’s funny, but this isn’t something that CBG and I do very often – just get dressed up and head out for dinner and a movie together. We’ve been talking about doing this again sometime, and so now that it’s on my list, there’s no excuse for not doing it. And I gotta admit, I love an excuse to look good for my man.

7. Go to the Look-Off again. There’s a place just a couple of hours drive from where I live known as “The Look Off”. It’s this beautiful spot that overlooks the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. CBG and I went there once, two summers ago. It ended up being a rainy, depressing day. Yes, the view was amazing…but I would much rather experience it again on a beautiful sunny day. I bet it’s gorgeous in the fall.

Dude...something tells me we're not on the trail anymore....

8. Explore a hiking trail. Last spring we used to go hiking on our Sunday mornings together.This was actually a lot of fun, despite that one Sunday morning we got a little off track and got lost. heh. We’ve fallen out of the habit of doing this, but it’s something I’d like us to get back into. There’s just something fun about discovering new places, shooting the breeze and enjoying each other’s company in the great outdoors.

9. Swim in the ocean – together. I like to swim in the salt water at least once every year together. This year, CBG took me to the beach, but sat on shore while I went for a dip. This summer I want him in there with me. And as he got to find out last summer, going to the beach with me is fun. I not only give him full license to enjoy the eye candy on the beach, I actually enjoy the view right along with him. 😉

10. Dance together. In the two + years that we have been together, CBG and I have never danced. And dammit, I don’t care if it’s just in my living room, but I want a romantic song playing, CBG’s arms around me, and for us to be moving to the music.

So there you have it….10 things that I’d like to do with CBG this year. I tried to keep the list as realistic as possible….even though I would have loved to have added, “Take a trip to Jamaica” or some other glorious location. But honestly, it all boils down to just wanting to spend time together. I don’t care if we’re taking a road trip or curled up on my couch together watching a movie. As long as we’re together, that’s really the only thing that matters.

6 Responses

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  2. That is a fantastic list!
    Thanks for checking out CoupledTogether. We are always trying to help out long distance relationships 🙂

  3. I LOVE both of your lists! These are awesome. On yours, I love dance together and swim in the ocean together. So cool. And I hope you get to do all of these (and maybe Jamaica…)

  4. Aw, cute! Can I come along for 1 and 2? I love the drive-in, and I’ve always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island!

  5. […] does this compare to Sunshine’s list?  Head on over and check it out.  Maybe we’ll both be pleasantly […]

  6. What a great idea. Now go out (or stay in) and have a great time checking things off the list!

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