Too Much

Last night after I tucked my girls into bed and looked around my apartment, I immediately felt overwhelmed. The place was a mess. But more than that – it was full. I’m reaching a point where I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed with the “stuff” that we have.

Granted, my girls and I live in a small place. We’re in a small, two-bedroom apartment that we’ve lived in for the past two years now. It’s not horrible, but I don’t love it. The price is definitely right and we’re in the same neighbourhood as their dad, so there are a lot of ‘pluses’ about staying here.. My lease renews on February 1st, which means that we’re committed to this place for another year at least.

Which means that we have way too much stuff.

It’s time for some de-cluttering. And here I thought I was doing an okay job as it was. After all, just a couple of weeks ago, CBG and I filled his car with unwanted things and dropped them off at a thrift place so they could find a new home. It’s interesting….just two years ago when we moved into this place we had practically nothing. And yet, over the course of two years we’ve reached a point where I feel like our little apartment is bursting at the seams.

It’s time to get rid of more. I can feel the walls closing in…the “stuff” piling up. A bigger apartment isn’t the answer. The answer is getting rid of the excess. It feels like a daunting task right now…a process of letting go in a lot of ways. I know that I have a lot of things that I’m hanging onto unnecessarily. I’ve been working on my spiritual, emotional and mental self for a long time – clearing out the unwanted crap. It’s time to do that with my physical “stuff” as well.

It’s time to let them go.

12 Responses

  1. I always love to clean out and get rid of things! And you’re right–the answer isn’t a bigger place, it’s less stuff. Nice to let go.

  2. Good Luck, I am in the same boat.

  3. It is SO hard to do…letting go of ‘stuff’ and just prioritizing the right stuff to keep. But I also think it’s great that you HAVE filled your life and home up from nothing. that’s huge. Congrats on that.

    • You know what? That’s such a great way of looking at it…that I am fortunate that I have been able to build a home over the last couple of years out of so little. It IS huge! 🙂 Thanks for helping me realize that.

  4. Boy do I know this feeling. Sometimes the “stuff” we accumulate becomes too much for my little house and we have to do a massive “sweep” . I refuse to make the kids move again, so it’s all about maintaining out current living situation. Good luck!

  5. May I recommend the book ‘It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh? It’s a great read and might help. Good luck!

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