Today’s affirmation from Wayne Dyer:

I choose to perceive the peaceful side of life.

There are two ways to look at virtually anything. One is the violent way, and one is the peaceful way. It’s the yin and yang of the universe.

I need to keep a peaceful outlook today, this I know. But after a conversation with CBG and rotten night’s sleep, I am feeling anything BUT peaceful. And that’s how I know that I most need to focus on it.

4 Responses

  1. Not the easiest in the world but brownie points for being aware.

  2. Very good affirmation but very difficult to maintain, I totally get that. Hope the day brings you some peace and more daughters time today!

  3. Peace to you, my friend.


  4. Weird that peace always seems to be so illusive. It’s what I strive for every day.

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