Quality Time With My Girls

This weekend is all about spending some quality time with my girls. We haven’t had a “girls weekend” in a while — the last weekend we were together was New Year’s, which we spent with CBG and Ankle Biter. Sure it was great and all, but it didn’t allow me for any dedicated time to my sweet little girls. And I really miss that when I don’t have it.

Friday night was “movie and sleepover” night. We snuggle under a blanket, watch a movie and then all crawl into my bed for some giggles and (eventually) some sleep.

Today we had a lazy Saturday morning before heading off to visit CBG’s mom at the hospital. Both CBG’s mom and dad were there, so we had a nice visit. I feel like my girls and I are so fortunate to have them in our lives; they’re like an extra set of grandparents. They adore my girls and the feeling is mutual. I really do feel blessed to have them in my life.

Afterwards, we swung by the local museum to check out a new dinosaur exhibit. It was pretty awesome.

Tonight, again, more snuggles and another movie.

Tomorrow we have a “home spa day” planned. Bubble baths, a facial, and manicures and pedicures. Fun! Who knows, we may even throw in a little baking and some crafts for good measure. We do have some birthday cards to make for Rugrat, after all.

This is the kind of weekend that really nourishes my soul…and in a way, makes me appreciate my long distance relationship. I know that if CBG were here, the girls and I wouldn’t get to spend this amount of undisturbed quality time together. And it’s definitely something I would miss if I didn’t have. ‘Cause my girls? They are everything to me.

5 Responses

  1. You are such a great mom. I love this. I remember LOVING the time I spent with my mom when I was growing up, and I still cherish our sister/mom days out where we get mani/pedi’s and chat over coffee. I’m so glad you are having such a fun weekend!!

  2. Ha! I was about to say that I think you are a great mom, but Jobo beat me to it! What an awesomely fun weekend. I hope you enjoy today!

  3. That is so wonderful. I had so many wonderful weekends like this with my kids. Treasure them. Because they do grow up. 🙂 I did wind up having movie night with my kids on Friday night…Big Trouble in Little China…fun! But, still…it’s not the same as when they were younger!

  4. I love this entire post. LOVE IT. I also got teary knowing you were visiting (with the girls) CaNook’s mom.

    You are a good woman, Sunshine. I envy you.

  5. They are so beautiful. Just like there mommy!

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