Today’s Affirmation

I’m a big Wayne Dyer fan. I just like how he presents some of his ideas. Every day I check his website for a daily affirmation. Today’s affirmation was this:

Success is an inside job.

Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating- these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything you do.

I needed this reminder today.For those interested, my funk is subsiding a bit. I’m not forcing it…it just seems to be backing away slowly on it’s own.


At least it’s Friday.

3 Responses

  1. I get everything except the emotionally neutral…That sticks out as being passion-less and rut-like….nothing would ever get done, self-help included, if no one ever put heir head on the chopping block a few times out of the passion of their ideas, spawned from confidence, and built by the open-mindedness of the other attributes listed.
    Embrace who you are as an emotional being, just temper the outwardly portions of it.

  2. Happy happy happy Friday!!!! It was a long time coming. Have a great weekend! Love the quote.

  3. Amen to Friday. Dr Dyer is da bomb!

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